Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

Sorry for the non building nature of this question.  I recently did a timed run in my Cheasapeake 17 and think I did 4.2knots.  There was no tidal influence that I know of.  I cannot remember the formula for hull speed but was wondering if anyone knew how fast you can paddle a C17?  Thanks.  David.

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RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

according to it is somewhere around 5.75kn  Of course, there are a lot of variables not considered in a simple theoretical formula.

RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

My only data is more "seat of the pants", and I can say that for longer distances like 20 mi. I have been able to average 5.3 mph in my Ch17lt. That figure includes a wide variety of conditions like headwinds and tidal help.


RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

The calculator in that link is full of it.

The "hull speed" it calculates for the WD12 is 3.88 mph. I got the prototype WD12 up to 6.4 MPH as measured by GPS. A photograph taken at the same time by the CLC staff shows a complete wave from bow to stern indicating that it was moving as fast as it could (short of being dragged by a speedboat).

Don't know how it measures up with other kayak models, but I wouldn't trust it at all.



RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

It is not unexpected that you can paddle a kayak faster than it's "hull speed".


" Light, narrow boats with hulls not designed for planing can easily exceed hull speed without planing; indeed, the unfavorable amplification of wave height due to constructive interference diminishes as speed increases above hull speed. For example, world-class racing kayaks can exceed hull speed by 70%, even though they do not plane."


- Josh

RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

Hi David,

Lots of variables associated with your question. conditions, "engine" fitness & technique, average times over a distance V flatout bursts of speed, for how long a speed can be maiantained,etc.

I used to paddle a Ch17 for several years over the same distance/route. Tidal river with beaming and quarteing ferry wakes.  I would put my personal average speed at about 6km/hr. From time to time I would put on bursts and to keep up with the surfski crew that trained on the river. I guesstimate that they would chug along at about 10km/h and I could only keep up for a very short period of time. I now paddle surfskis and average about 10km/h for any distance up to 25km. Faster when I race but. I'm in the Masters age group s o I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

I expect that I would get along a little bit faster if I ever went back to a sea kayak like the CH17. Although the engine is showing signs of age related wear and tear, it has a much more developed forward stroke technique and utilises a wing paddle. So based on my experience, your 4.2knots is in the average speed range to be expected for a Ch17. It does have the potential to pushed along quicker, engine dependant.


RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?


I'm a moderately experienced paddler in my early 60's with a CLC Lt. 17.  I figure 4.2 to 4.5 MPH boat to water speed for a steady cruise for an hour or so.  Longer paddles would probably drop a bit.  I can push it to 5 for brief bursts.  My record was something around 7 but that was either tide or wave (surfing briefly) assisted. 


RE: Hull speed of Cheasapeake 17?

I know that a CH 18 is not a 17, and I am probably considerably heavier than you... (300lb)  The CH 18 is only just big enough for me.

I went for a nice 21km paddle today at an av speed of 7.5km/h   Conditions were reasonably good, some with the tide, some against the tide, some with the light wind, some into the wind etc.  As I am still trying to sort out my comfort, I was slow - got to get the seat sorted....

According to my GPS, I peaked at 12km/h briefly

Other than launching my CH 18 2 weeks ago and paddling about 4km, I have not done any paddling for 5 months, so I consider that this will get faster as I get back into it in the coming weeks.

given there are so many variables, it is hard to say if your 4.2kn is fast,slow or indifferent.  What distance was this over?

that is a similar speed to what I was doing.

As silly as it sounds, look at Pygmy's site - they list a speed with each boat, it gives a reasonable indication of various length/beam boats and theorectial hull speeds.



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