Rolling the Wood Duck 12 - Nuthin To It

As I suspected, the hardest part was tumping it over, the rest was easy! 


Barry Parkoff's boat at Canyon Lake here in drought-stricken Texas 8-9-11. 

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RE: Rolling the Wood Duck 12 - Nuthin To It


I don't think there's a boat you can't roll! How much water did you end up with inside?

Sorry I never got an email off to you. Been a bit busy shutting down the space shuttle program. I'll shoot you one soon.

Good to see you here!

George K

RE: Rolling the Wood Duck 12 - Nuthin To It

Hey Kurt,

Good job rolling as usual. 2 things come to mind - no spray skirt and this was a hybrid (nice job Barry). As George asked, how much water got in, and second, do you suppose the slightly higher and faceted deck of a WD12 standard would make a difference?



RE: Rolling the Wood Duck 12 - Nuthin To It

Hey Guys!

As a matter of fact, she took on a surprisingly small amount of water on the first roll. More flooding was accrued with each succeeding roll, as you might imagine, and I think I got a good half dozen before the Wood Duck began thinking it was the RMS Titanic, and exhibited such tendencies as settling at the bow.

Barry keeps a small air bag in the bow, and provided a watertight compartment with hatch in the rear, so the boat wasn't headed for the ocean depths. But it was good 'n' awash, no question about it. Barry was LHAO to see it in that condition.

Laz, no way a little deck faceting is going to have much, if any, affect on it. It's mostly a matter of beam. The WD actually rolls pretty similar to some of the whitewater boats that are much wider than what we sea yakers are accustomed to now that I think about it.

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