Applying an onlay after completion

I built my Dory last winter, then bought a nice "Dove" Inlay/Onlay from CLC (on sale). Now I see it was supposed to be applied before I glassed the transom. Any suggestions, or is my only choice to order another kit (perhaps a Skerry for me or a Wood Duck for my daughter)?

Can hardly bear the thought of doing that, but if it's my only option, I'll 'bite the bullet.'



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RE: Applying an onlay after completion

John C. Harris looks you in your eyes, you see rotating moire patterns and hear his soothing voice saying "Yes, you must buy another kit. Two would be better."

Seriously, though, see if GeorgeK will jump in here. I believe he did something like that (wooden onlay over the glass) on his Sea Island Sport.



RE: Applying an onlay after completion

You can certainly do an onlay over the existing glass, it will just be an extra layer in the wood glass sandwich, that's all.  Instead of a standard 2 pieces of bread sandwich you'll have a club sandwich with three pieces of bread.  I haven't done it on a boat, but it has worked well on other projects.  You'll want to remove any varnish and get down to the original glass layer, but that's just sanding.


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