clc 17lt completed

Had a week to test it out, so far so good.  Thanks Forum members!


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RE: clc 17lt completed




RE: clc 17lt completed

It looks really great, barryo. Did you use a green stain on the hull, covered with a clear finish?


RE: clc 17lt completed

Looks too sweet to actually paddle.  I'd just put it in my living room, sit in the cockpit and read magazines.  Maybe put it on the car, ride around town on a sunny day and see if it's a chick magnet.

Also nice not to see bolted through footbrace mounts. 

 Did you weigh the boat?  still lighter than those fiberglass jet hangar doorstops that their makers call kayaks?

RE: clc 17lt completed

Sure looks good....

RE: clc 17lt completed

Thanks for the comments,


Grant, thats right - the hull was stained using a waterbased product which needed to be applied early on in the build (right after cutting out the hull panels and before joining) then a thin layer of epoxy applied to protect the finish while building.

Kayak4water, keen eye! no bolts for footbraces, I used a few layers of 4mm ply as an internal base with inserted bolts.  Did not but the scale on it yet but it feels close to the 45 even with the custom removable rudder mount.

This boat replaced a cape charles18 that was built on the cheap in 1994 out of luan, and i am loving the upgrade!

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