PocketShip Update

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks.  Many of the cards and letters have been asking where their PocketShip plans are.  Answer:  I haven't finished them.  What, in June, looked very well in hand, compared to the dozen or so 11x17 sheets Geoff Kerr started with, has bloomed into 11 architectural sheets, a manual with 450+ photos, and a roll of full-sized patterns that's over 116 feet long.  Seriously.  (Actually, it's cut into seven manageable 16'7" lengths.  Then rolled.  I recommend building a paper canoe with the plans once you're done.) 

It's going to be a few more weeks.  Thanks for your patience, and it's worth it.

I suggest making a paper canoe with the plans when you're done.

PocketShip will be in Maine at the WoodenBoat School next week.

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RE: PocketShip Update


 Beside the full size films, do the plans also include the part patterns in reduced scale so you could more easily make a model? If not I would be interested in spending a few more bucks for say 1:8 scale patterns. I think it would be well worth the investment for anyone contemplating building the full size boat.

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