mast anatomy - help!

Okay, I'm in the late stages of building my Passagemaker, and I can't figure out the mast parts. i'm new to sailing in general.

There are four aluminum parts: one long, one shorter, then a short coupler and a long coupler. What goes where?

 One of the couplers goes into the mast step, but which one? And does the bigger mast tube or the shorter mast tube go on the bottom? Alternately, which part do I epoxy the mast head into?

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RE: mast anatomy - help!

Aha!  I get to write my usual "Come join us over at the Passagemaker builders forum: " entry.  :-)


You'll find an amazing amount of info over there and lots of folks to answer questions.

That kit (4 years ago) didn't come with a coupler for the mast step.

It only had the one coupler, but I'd think you'd want the longer coupler in the mast, and not in the step.

It doesn't really matter if you put the long or short section of the mast on the top or bottom.  Most of us glued the two pieces together, or built wooden masts, which really makes that a moot point.

But come on over to the PMD forum and tell us about your building adventure.



RE: mast anatomy - help!

Yeah, I'd love to be able to post over there. I tried to register a few months back, and never got a confirmation email. Now, when I try to register, it says my email and username are already in use - yet it will not allow me to login. And there is apparently no one I can email over there for help. So I'm stuck posting here for now. If you can help me - please direct me!

RE: mast anatomy - help!

Hello SiFu....  I was thinking about buildinmg the PMD about 20 months ago.  In my research, I noted that the WEAK LINK of the entire boat was the aluminum mast.  I suggest you build a wooden mast, using the bird's beak method.  It is real easy & VERY strong.  I have photos on what it looks like but don't know how to post photos here.  So feel free to en=mail me directly.         ~BRUCE~

RE: mast anatomy - help!

OK.   Google     Mast building Bird's Mouth       .  There is a good video by a soft spoken woman who built the mast for her Skerry.  If you have any questions, contact me.  FYI. use packing tape where you position the hose clamps.       Good luck....   ~BRUCE~

RE: mast anatomy - help!

  I built a birds-mouth mast for my PMD last year after turning the aluminum mast into a pretzel (nasty unintentional jibe).  The wooden mast is plenty strong (I've tested it on the water), but will build a second one that is not hollow.  The amount of weight you save with a hollow mast of this size is negligible, and a solid mast makes it easier to mount your hardware without having to build in hard points..they are already there.

  Either way, a wooden mast looks so much better than an aluminum mast on a wooden boat.

  I'll drop the PMD forum admin an email and see about getting membership requests resolved.



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