advice needed stripping a Wood duck

I hope someone can help me..I am getting very fustrated trying to put the first strip of wood on the deck of my wood duck hybrid. I am using 9/16 staples and on the bow I glued some wood pieces inside and I actually used a small nail on this first form. when I try to bend the wood to fit the curve of the boat, the first nail and staple pop out. I then tried soaking the wood strip. This worked for a few minutes, and I was able to staple it to all of the forms, but on the last one, the wood twisted and all the staples popped out again. am I doing this wrong? or is there a better way to lay out this first strip.


I am also wondering if the deck and the sides have to meet completely at this point. When i did have the first strip tacked down, there was a small gap around the edge where the side of the boat would meet the deck.

Thanks again

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RE: advice needed stripping a Wood duck

On the Night Heron hybird I am building I did not have a problem with strips popping up until I reached the bow and stern areas. I used Frog tape and placed weights on top of the strips letting them dry (glue)  overnight. I used regular weights , placing them on top of the strips, and secured them with tape to keep pressure on the strip. You can also use clamps to hold your strips down. As far as a gap between the sides and deck, I have gaps in several places and simply filled them with epoxy mixed with wood flour. I plan to paint a stripe where the deck meets the hull to cover up this unsightly mess but it is not a big problem. Two years ago I built a SW S&G and have a well defined  dark epoxy line where the deck meets the hull but it actually looks pretty neat becuase it is so uniform. Hope this helps, Mark.

RE: advice needed stripping a Wood duck


I had similar problems with my WD hybrid and switched to a fine wire copper brad(small thin nail with small head about 5/8 inch long).  This was recommended by Lou Farhood and it worked great.  I used the nails only where I needed them on the outer two strips and the king strip(double middle strip).  The rest of the strips I used clamps and clips to hold the strips to the temporary bulkheads.

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 Good luck and enjoy the rest of the journey, it will all be worth it!!


RE: advice needed stripping a Wood duck

thanks for the advice guys..I now have the two strips along the outer edge tacked took some time and effort bending them but they are still there..and its been two days ! I guess im ready to continue now..haha


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