Finishing issue?

I have finally come to the point of putting a finish on my CH16.

I will be using Interlux Pre-Kote primer and Brightsides Paint on the hull. The deck will get Interlux Schooner Varnish. My work area is in my basement and I am concerned that this may produce fumes that will fill the whole house. Do these products produce strong odors and must be applied outside or can it be done in the basement?

Also, I've been reading about drying/curing time which has me somewhat confused. What is a safe interval between finishing and hitting the water?



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RE: Finishing issue?

  Hi Mike,

  Your concern about the fumes is justified.  You do need proper ventilation when applying these finishes.  Ventilating with a fan isn't always a good choice either since that can blow dust around, ruining the finish. 

   Outside (or in a garage)  on a calm, dry day is best.  Pollen, bugs, humidity are all enemies of these products, especially varnish.

   As for drying/curing's best to let the finish dry for a couple of days before any lengthy exposure to water.  24 hours might be okay, but why take the chance of ruining all that work?



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