Tip for removing exoxy drips and runs

I had to cut off the foot rest mounts on my MC16 and ended up with a fairly thick piece of epoxy to remove (except where i cut too deep, but that's another story).

Sanding looked to be really hard in this place, so tried a chisel, then discovered that if i held it vertical and used it like a scraper I'd get thin shavings, worked really well.

Key was a VERY sharp chisel, a sharp scrapper blade should also work.  Takes off the high spots without sanding thin the surounding area.

I should mention, this was well cured exoxy (1 yr +), not so sure how well it will work on fresh soft epoxy, but try after it's hardened well.  

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RE: Tip for removing exoxy drips and runs

My favorites for protruding epoxy: Surform and various rasps. Especially the rasps. A block plane can work, too, and for very shallow drips/runs, a card/cabinet scraper works miracles.

I made a long board for the 2nd Shearwater I built for my wife... It is more work, but it really makes an incredible difference in levelling/the shape of the hulls.

Least favorite: power sanders of any type. They're the most effective way to deform your boat. They work well for wide-area sanding but seem to only worsen uneven surfaces.

RE: Tip for removing exoxy drips and runs

A scraper is most definitely my preferred method, whether the epoxy is green or well cured.  Much easier to use and less likely to mar the surrounding surface as well as cheaper than sandpaper and dust masks.


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