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I am at the point on my wood duck hybrid where I have glassed the hull and im getting ready to fit the forms. My concern is the finish of my fiberglass. I have placed 4 thin coats of epoxy over the fiberglass, but it has some run marks and some of the finish looks textured like an orange peel. My question is, should I try to sand this smooth now an apply another coat of epoxy, or should I just sand it before its varnish time. I applied the epoxy with a foam roller, the used a foam brush to smooth out the  bubbles, but like I said there is some run marks and ripples still visible.

Any suggetions will be great



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RE: fiberglassing question


If it was me I'd wait. No point in getting it all pretty, scratching or globbing it while building the deck and then having to sand it pretty again. Moght as well just sand once (unless you really enjoy it).



RE: fiberglassing question

Laszlo is right.  The orange peal, runs, dribbles, scratches, bumps and other stuff get sanded away when it's time to finish sand.  A good, fair sanding with progressively finer grits will produce a very smooth surface, much different from what you see now.  Don't be concerned, you're doing good.

RE: fiberglassing question

Thanks to both of you, Thats a big relief ! now I can't wait to move on

RE: fiberglassing question


I agree with both of the above ideas.  If you need to put another thin layer of epoxy after sanding( a few low spots appear??), I would use a plastic epoxy spreader after applying the epoxy with a roller.  I found these put a thin smooth layer of epoxy on the boat.


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