WD 12H Deck

I used some thickened epoxy to fill in some gaps and low spots (e.g. where a few strips joined the perimeter strips a bit lower than the perimeter strips, just a bit to create a smooth flow in the deck.  I sanded it all so that it's all comfortable to the hand (my scientic method of testing) and then placed the glass and epoxy.  The thickened epoxy shows through as cloudy spots on the strips.  I know it's too late to do anything about it, but wonder what I shoud have done.  Used only unthickened epoxy?  That would not have worked for my leveling and smoothing needs and some of the gaps (shame on me) would have been difficult to fill properly.  Any of you veterans have some wisdom for my next boat?



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RE: WD 12H Deck

My advice - from experience - is to leave the low spots alone. Nobody else will ever notice and you will forget about them after you've paddled a few times. Not much you can do now, though, except cover the area with paint. -Wes

RE: WD 12H Deck

  Hi Steve,

  You may want to experiment with different fillers/thickeners as well as brands of epoxy. We have been able to come up with a light colored mixture of sanding dust and epoxy to use in areas that will be exposed by using White Oak and Smith's two part oak/teak epoxy. For some reason the Smith's product doesn't darken the filler as much as some other brands. Obviously the White Oak is lighter in color to begin with, but some brands will darken it considerably. We used White Oak for sheers and the Smith's was the only thing that held it together at the scarfs and joints. I'll save you some time here, don't experiment with poplar as a filler - it is a nice color dry but turns green when the epoxy hits it.

  I have always used a 50/50 product untill our second WD. I brought home a leftover 3/4 gal of West System from a job in VA and decided to use it on the outside of the WD and was surprised that the West product had considerably less of a darkening effect on the material. I am very happy with the lighter tones, and also very lucky I kept the two brands seperate as it turns out they won't bond with each other. Here's a link to a trip with both boats side by side, the pic doesn't do the difference justice but you can see it.


  I haven't used the MAS product yet and can't compare it but it is clear to me that different epoxies have various efects on the finished color of the material. I would recommend experimenting, some suppliers will send you a kit at no or minimal cost if you contact them.

  Hope it helps.

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