Vacuum pumps

I am trying to find a pump but i am alittle confused as to what i need a have a 1.25 cfm  2 stage pump which i think is large enough to bag my paddle board but i plan to build a tiki in the next 2 years and I now i will need a larger pump.  I have found several on ebay with decent prices but i am umsure if they are right.  It is my understanding that you need -30mmhg to bag but most of the large pumps that i have found 17.5 to 56 cfm only have a vac presure of .0001mmhg to 15mmhg.  will the high cfm make up for the low pressure.


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RE: Vacuum pumps

CFM doesn't make up for pressure. Higher cfm pumps will evacuate the excess air from the bag quicker. Just curious - why use a bag for a paddle board?

Cheers, Pat

RE: Vacuum pumps

I'm not sure you need full vacuum. What are you bagging?

RE: Vacuum pumps

Practice. I plan on build a tiki in the next couple of years and I may try infusin on it and nidacore insted of ply wood to get the weght down I know it will cost more but it will payoff in the long run as mat. will be lower. Just going on what i have read to get the full benifit out of vac bagging you need to get as close to -30 mmhg as possilbe.

RE: Vacuum pumps

The current Professional Boatbuilder Mag has an excellent article on infusion and how to keep the bubbles out. Get it, it's the best one I've seen in years.

RE: Vacuum pumps

Thanks For the help I have found a pump on ebay that looks good for me and future plans 

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