Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull

Hello, after sanding the hull on my Shearwater 16 I have a couple of black blotches which indicated that I went a bit too far with sanding.  I am considering painting the hull and was wondering if anyone has seen a Shearwater Hybrid with a painted hull?  Is this "kayak heresy" or does it have a complimentary look to the deck.  I realize that this is a personal choice but was wondering if anyone had seen one done this way?



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RE: Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull

I had similar results with my Wood Duck hybrid and painted the bottom about 2 inches above the side/bottom panel seam.  The paint covered most of my aggressive sanding.  Lots of Wood Ducks have the painted bottom and I think it looks fine.  You can check mine out at  Lou Farhood's Wood Duck has the entire hull painted white and the strip built deck really stands out and looks great.  The benefit of white is that it is much more visible to the power boats and jet skiis on the water.  Paint can cover lots of sins and helps avoid the 'viking funeral'(per CLC and John Harrris' video "The Zen of Wooden Kayak Building).

I think it would be great if CLC would keep a large online photo album of boats built from CLC kits and plans.  This would offer ideas and encouragement to the first time builder. 


RE: Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull

In my opinion a painted hull looks better than varnish on a hybrid because the plywood grain is so different from the cedar strips. I painted the hull of my Merganser, which is a slightly wider version of the Shearwater 17 and am very pleased with the results. Paint the inside too. Photos at -Wes

RE: Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull


A very nice website and a beautiful boat.  I do like the Sundown buff color with the hybrid deck and a nice touch to paint the inside of the boat.

My one kayak is already lonely and I need another boat for kids, friends and grand kids.  Thanks for some ideas for boat number two!!


RE: Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull

I painted my shearwater for the same reason as well as I wanted the contrast of a painted hull.

straight edges" "

RE: Painting a Shearwater Hybrid Hull

Thanks to everyone and your boats are gorgeous.

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