Extra Forms Necessary?

Okay, so, I am new to this whole boatbuilding thing and I've just gotten to putting the cedar strip deck on my WD12.  Call me crazy, but I've got a fairly tricky design in mind for the strips.  What I was hoping to do was to put alternating colored strips from the king plank down towards the shear line at roughly a 45 degree angle. But, after tacking down the king plank, I realized that these 45 degree strips might not touch any of the forms, thus not having any of the curve that the deck is supposed to have.  I believe that I've found a possible solution but I would like to get the yays or nays via the forum.  What I was thinking was that I could put a few pseudo forms between the existing forms.  I was thinking I could put these running perpendicular to the existing forms actually connecting the existing forms.  The first would be about 2 inches from the king plank and every 2 inches thereafter.  Wish I could post pictures of what I was thinking but the camera suffered severe water damage in a recent camping trip.  Any suggestions on my idea would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there is an easier way to do this, that info would be even more greatly appreciated.


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RE: Extra Forms Necessary?

Okay so I found a pic of what I would like to do so please omit the terrible description above...The forms in the pic are relatively flat so they didn't need anything between the forms to bend the strips around,,,well anyways here's the pic:


RE: Extra Forms Necessary?

You are doing great, Your idea is going to work.

I did the same thing on my Guillemot.

Looks GREAT !!!  keep up the good work.



RE: Extra Forms Necessary?

To be completely honest the pic isn't from my 'yak, it's just a pic I found on the internet to show my idea a little better. But I'll say thanks anyways!

RE: Extra Forms Necessary?

If you go to the link I gave you in my last post, it will take you to my construction blog.

Scroll down and click  ( older posts ) until you see how I fit the strips on my deck pattern.

Lay your outline down first and then fit all short strips to the outline.

It,s not hard to do but it does take lots of time.

Good luck


RE: Extra Forms Necessary?

Thanks Lou.  I just finished putting in the extra forms to get the correct bends in the deck.....You are correct in that it is going to take me a long time to get this thing together....I just hope I can get this boat in the water before it hardens up on me!

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