Okume and Meranti concern...maybe?


I recently purchased some Okume and Meranti 3mm sheets from a reputable boat building supplier...I ordered the 3mm marine grade 1088 Okume and Meranti for my Wood Duck project.

When the wood arrived, the facing veneers are .5mm and the core is about 2mm (making the total of 3mm in thickness).

According to the suppliers description on their web site..all layers are described to be of equal (or close to equal) thickness..but the stock they sent isn't even close to that.

Is this the wrong stock?

I'm concerned about sanding through .5mm thickness on the seams and it's alot of money to spend on the wrong wood...

It's beautiful stuff and I'm sure I could use it, but I've seen the wood that has the three equal layers and this ain't it.


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RE: Okume and Meranti concern...maybe?

For 3mm 3 ply BS1088 the face veneer needs to be a minimum of 0.45mm, so it sounds as if it technically meets the standard, even though it's not equal thicknesses. If you don't feel that you got what the ad led you to expect, call your supplier's customer support department and arrange an exchange.




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