Week long camping - Shearwater 14


Just wondering if anyone out there has tried a week-long camping trip in a Shearwater 14?  The trip I'm planning will be on a lake, so hauling water isn't a problem, and it's a big group so we are sharing food/stoves, pots which means I can save space there.  I built it for a day trip boat, but I took it on an overnight campout a month ago and was able to fit everything in the hatches (forward bulkhead is moved back about 1 foot since I have short legs).  I'm a little worried about the weight issue since I'm at the upper end of the paddler range - as long as I stay under the max payload weight (200 lbs) I should be OK right?  If I pack like I'm backpacking hopefully it should work.  

Any thoughts or experiences that might help?


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RE: Week long camping - Shearwater 14

I'd dare see even if you're over the max payload weight you'll be okay.  You may find the boat to be a little squirrelly and not handle as well, but it won't sink unless you're significantly over the max payload weight, I suspect.  I've never been over my max payload but when I get close to it the boats definitely handle differently.  I don't think my NorthBay would sink though, based on what I've put in it so far, until I exceeded max payload by about 30 or 40 pounds, maybe more.  I can fit at leasta weeks worth of gear in there with room to spare but it's significantly longer than the SW14.  

That said, camping for a week shouldn't be too much more than camping for a day or two, other than food and water.  I believe it should be fairly easy to accommodate any extra gear you require, especially if you're diligent about not overpacking.


RE: Week long camping - Shearwater 14

Yes no problem

Just pack LIGHT


My Girlfriend and I went for a 5 day trip ( and we had to carry water ). She was in a Shearwater 14 and myself in a shearwater 17 and we had no space problems. This was mostly semi exposed Pacific Ocean paddling so we had a lot of safety and backup safety gear.

Actually the shearwaters handle very nicely with a heavy load on, so long as the heavy things are packed as centre and low as you can get them.. Once you get the momentum going they take off.

We had a great time and can’t wait for next summer (southern hemisphere) to get out for multi day trips in them again.


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