I have built two boats, and intend to build more. What does everyone here do about insuring their boats against theft, damage, loss, ect.? It would seem to me that if one were to have several boats, then there could be quite a bit of money invested.

Thanks, Barry

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RE: insurance

I recently had a kayak stolen. My homeowners policy covered the loss.

RE: insurance

What's the coverage on a boat you build yourself? Just the cost of the kit? Minus the deductible? I'd be interested in hearing how the insurance companies would interpret "replacement cost".

Cheers, Pat

RE: insurance

I spoke with someone at CLC about this. If you paid someone to build you a hybrid boat it would be worth in the 4 to 6 thousand range. Full strippers would be much more.


RE: insurance

I had spoken to my agent, and told her that I thought the WD-12H was worth about $5k, and the full stripper about $7.5k. She mentioned that it would not be covered under my homeowners, and below is what she told me. It makes me wonder how I am going to handle this.

I have finally gotten a quote for your kayaks! The coverage would be an “agreed value policy” with Foremost insuring the 12ft kayak for $5000 and the 16ft kayak for $7500 per our conversation; annual premium $500.00.

The coverage is subject to underwriting approval, and must be submitted for review with four photos of each vessel and a marine survey completed by a NAMS or SAMS Surveyor.

RE: insurance

I don't worry about the cost of my labor (it was a hobby and I was having fun, right?). I've had my WD12 for 3 years now, so a $500 annual premium would already have amounted to more than what I paid for materials.

In my situation, unless I'm incredibly unlucky and have the kayak stolen in the first couple of years, self-insurance is the only way to go.



RE: insurance

$500! You'd be better off spending the money on racks, locks and other measures to safeguard your boats.

RE: insurance

I don't mean to be rude, but those values seem excessively high to me.  You can often buy used kayaks like these for about $2500-$4k depending upon the quality of the build.  Even a full stripper.  I've even seen full strip boats (new) for about $4500  To say $5k and $7500 seems a bit pricey, but if your insurance company agrees I guess it's just your loss of the premium.

Personally, I wouldn't insure any of my boats more than my home/auto policy already covers, which is significantly more than I paid to build them.  Even counting my labor rate it still comes almost to break even.


RE: insurance

A boat is really only worth what you can get for it. I'd hazard a guess that even a one-of-a-kind strip-built kayak built to professional standards would be difficult to sell for anything more than a couple thousand, and likely much less if you want to actually sell it, rather than have it as a perpetual advertisement listing at an unrealistic price. If the boat was built by Nick Schade, well perhaps you may have a bit more luck :)

A hand-built boat of any kind with any sort of personalization, and well placed identification both clearly visible and hidden, would seem like a poor choice for someone to steal? So much more attention getting and easily identifiable than the run-of-the-mill commercial boat. I know criminals are not necessarily picked from the brightest percentile. But I'd tend to think if you ran into a situation where someone was dumb enough to steal it, you might have a fair chance of recovering it with a little work. Unless they shipped it to South America or Russia :)

I'm actually curious whether it is very common for one of these boats to be stolen, and what the recovery rate might be? At any rate, lock it down, stupidity happens....



RE: insurance

Hi Barry,

I just got a quote today from my agent,   I have no idea what the true value of my kayaks are in a true market.  But I know what they are worth to me.

I told my agent that I wanted to cover my WD12 Hybrid for $2,000 and my Guillemot for $4,000.

With a $100 deductable He said it would cost me $52 a year.

I will sleep better in the hotel room knowing that my kayaks out in the parking lot are covered.

Once again, Your Guillemot LOOKS GREAT !!!


RE: insurance

Hi Lou,

Thanks. Would you mind letting me know what insurance co. gave you that bid. That makes much more sense then the quote I received.



RE: insurance

I have to agree with Lou. I have insured two $3500 boats for $142 per year. I also invested in a pair of "Lasso Cables" for security.


RE: insurance


I had the kayaks added to my homeowners policy.    I am insured with Auto-Owners Insurance company.

I live in Michigan so I don't know if Auto-Owners is in your state or not.

Good luck



RE: insurance

i put 2 shearwaters on my auto owners home owners policy said they were worth 3000 each,13.10 each. jet ski 16.10  the jet ski goes 52 mph i cant figure it out. but its not 500.

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