Graphite line cleanup

My graphite line's are not as clean as i wanted them after i removed the tape; what is the best way to sharpen the edge before i start to varnish?  Thanks in advance!

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RE: Graphite line cleanup

retape your lines into the varnished finish area enough to cover your jagged edges. Use a better tape this time around. That's one idea anyway.

RE: Graphite line cleanup

I've been tempted to try "FROG TAPE" and actiate it with a damp rag or sponge prior to painting. This is just a suggestion, test before you commit to painting your boat. If I get to it first I'll let you know.

RE: Graphite line cleanup

Should noted that currently we use "Scotch Plastic Tape" in the shop with gelcoat and polyurethane paints. This tape sticks well and all but eliminates the bleeding that can occur with masking tape. Timing is important too, not too early and not too late, you want to pull the tape when the coating is gelled and tends to shear at the paint/tape line. Again, always test a new product on a scrap before you use it on your boat.

RE: Graphite line cleanup

I used 3M blue tape with good results. Just make sure you burnish the edge before coating with your epoxy mixture. If you want a fine line use 3m fine line tape or a plastic tape like mentioned above.


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