Hybrid Hatch Issue

Hi all,

I'm almost done with my shearwater hybrid and I'm looking for advice on how to fix an issue that has come up with my rear hatch.  I cut out my hatches and built up the hatch assemblies, including attaching the doubler to the rear hatch cover.  When i completed everything I noticed that rear hatch cover flattened out a bit and does not conform to the deck.  There is a gap on one side of where the hatch is supposed to sit on the sill.  I think that when the double was attached the hatch flattened out.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  I saw a an older post that had a recommendation to put kerfs along the hatch and fill with thickened glue.  If I were to try this, do I cut the kerfs through the plywood doubler and into the stripped deck?  Thanks in advance!


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RE: Hybrid Hatch Issue


I had the same issue with my Shearwater 17 Hybrid rear hatch after I clamped and epoxied a ply plate to the underside which flattened the stripped hatch.

My solution was to remove the ply plate completely by gouging, planing, rasping the whole thing off.. The hatch returned to the deck profile mostly.

Then I slightly preloaded the hatch to return the hatch to the required deck profile and laid a strengthening plate from strips which did not alter the hatch contour.  I used wood glue to glue the joints between strips, took it off once dry and trimmed it to the required size then epoxied it to the underside of the hatch.

The resulting structure followed the rear deck contour perfectly and the hatch has a nice strip strengthener rather than a nasty plywood plate - I think I even mirrored the deck detail.

Hope this helps.



RE: Hybrid Hatch Issue

Mine did the same thing. On my wife's SW16h I cut kerfs before I installed the doubler.

I use bungie hold downs and I've noticed that the hatch has reconformed itself to the deck over time.


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