WD 12H - Filleting Deck/Hull Joint

I am at the point of filleting the hull/deck joint.  I have tacked it down using thickened epoxy, but am concerned that I will not be able to reach the bow area with the filleting pastry bag.  Does it matter or is it enough to fillet the joint where it can be reached and rely on the glass tape and unthickened epoxy to reach the bow?

The instructions are very cryptic on this and I didn't find anything in the Tips section of this website.

Thanks in advance for any guidance, as usual!


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RE: WD 12H - Filleting Deck/Hull Joint


You're absolutely right, you'll never reach in there with a pastry bag. Instead, you use tools on a stick to apply the fillets and to apply the tape. Click on the pictures below to see larger ones. Follow this link to see how I did it on my WD12. It should also be described in your manual, sure you're not missing a page? One thing to keep in mind - because of the curve you may not be able to get the last foot or so in the bow. That's OK and normal.

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RE: WD 12H - Filleting Deck/Hull Joint

don't be afraid to glove up, put a gob of it in your hand and reach in there as far as you can and just apply it with your hand. I've found this way to work the best in several tight areas. You can't really see what you're doing but you certainly can feel it. It works quite well really and you can control the size of the filet with a little practice. I'm a tall guy with long arms and I couldn't reach the last foot or so to the bow. Just use the fiberglass tape and unthickened stuff and use a brush as per Laszlo's photos.

RE: WD 12H - Filleting Deck/Hull Joint

in addition to my comments above, reach in as far as you can with the ball of epoxy in your hand and then pull back towards you pressing the epoxy into the joint.

RE: WD 12H - Filleting Deck/Hull Joint

The joint will be fine without a fillet, although not as strong because of the possibility of getting air bubbles under the tape. I use West disposable caulking tubes in a caulking gun to extend my reach by a foot or so. It's also a lot easier and neater than the freezer bag method. -Wes

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