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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Apr 1, 2008

Okay, here's ol' Big Mouth to opine ad nauseum ... but at least there's finally a subjick I know something about...

First of all, be aware that if you use the pop-up trailer to haul yer yaks, the means of conveyance ceases to exist as soon as it becomes a house. If you're camping at water's edge, no problem; but whatcha gonna do if you wanna go places with them boats once you're all settled in, that's the thing to think about. Good news is that the Mill Creeks are PERFECT for car- or camper-topping because of those flat bottoms, VERY conducive to upper berth accomodations. As for the camper itself...

...Just do a sit test on it. That is, hoist yourself up and sit on the thing and see if it'll bear your weight. Bet it will ... that's how you close it all the way down so you can hook the latches when you've stuffed the tenting and all carelessly and you're in a hurry to hit the road. If it carries you, it'll certainly handle those boats. If in doubt, use 2x4's somehow to spread the load evenly all the way across. No way two MC13's will kill a camper, don't care how big your fillets are.

What kinda pop-up you got? I bought a 1995 Jayco Eagle 10ST with a busted cable lift system for a song to take to OkoumeFest in 2006, and it turned out to be a splendid investment ... especially once I put new cables in (not difficult!). Shoot, we oughta have us a campout at Possum Kingdom or something, I'm really thinking about maybe a couple weeks up that way in June or something...

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RE: Pop up & kayak reply to DaveP & Kurt

I had to move this one back from the archive...

Dave thanks for your input I may look at some foam to distrubite the weight.

Kurt I bought a 1994 Rockwood 1910, it also had a busted lift cable.  It wasn't too complicated about 15 bucks and 2 hours to replace and lube.  I got my twin to go in halfies with me, now I only pay half the upkeep.  I think it will be a great investment especially when my boys get a bit older.    A trip to PK sounds like a great idea.  I have only had it a few weeks and havent had much time to try it out yet.  I replaced the flooring this weekend, the previous owner laid peal and stick over the origional flooring.  Now I need to finish repairing my brother's MC13.  I had to operate and inlarge the cockpit by 4 inches.  He banged his knees / fell out when trying to get in.  Let me know if you plan on stopping by PK.



RE: Pop up & kayak reply to DaveP & Kurt

Alright, here we go for my first attempt at using this new site/forum software. Geeze, I need to take some time to see how (if) all this works (sorry, Commodore Harris, that wasn't very nice, was it?).


Anyway, I'll send you an email whenever I get ready to head up that way. I really want to check out the Brazos in the Palo Pinto stretch.


Cheers, Kurt

RE: Pop up & kayak reply to DaveP & Kurt

I hit that Brazos river below PK to Highwy 4 stretch a couple times a year.  Its a blast.  Unless you recently added kevlar to the bottom of your yak, I go with a rental canoe. My last trip was in August 07.   

Here is my report from last august that I posted on texasfishingforum.com

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gober gober 

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I did the Brazos canoe trip from PK dam to Hwy 4 Saturday and Sunday. Two of us limited out both days on sandies. Three hybrids and 6 large mouth bass were also caught. The LMBs were released for another day. Countless other sandies were released. Fishing the first ten or so miles Saturday was much better than the last half on Sunday. Saturday they were generating power so the water level was good. All fish were caught on those feather crappie jigs; color didn’t matter chartreuse, all yellow and white tail black body and red heads all produced the same. One on the best trips I've had in a long time.



RE: Pop up & kayak reply to DaveP & Kurt

I thought I would update my original post with my findings from the field.  I took the kayak and the popup out this past weekend.  Like a bonehead I let someone leave camp early with my car that had the kayak rack and straps.  It didn’t hit me until the next day that I had no rack or straps.  I tossed the kayak up on the popup and tied her down with plain old rope.  She rode like a dream, not even a wiggle.  I may not always carry her on the popup but it’s nice to know in a pinch it works. Kurt PK was a blast and the park was almost totally empty.  All the restrooms and showers were closed due to some sort of septic issue, which was fine with me until I had to take a garden hose shower at midnight.  Man I never want to do that again… ~gober


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