Outdoor Storage of Wooden Kayaks... and Termites

Hi All,

I am thinking about building a wooden kayak, but have some concerns about storage and was hoping for some pointers.

The kayak that I cam considering is made of Okoume and Sapele wood. I was hoping to store the kayak outside, behind a garage, wrapped in a cover and off the floor on saw horses. Also, I found a product called “Sea Horses” for the same purpose (http://www.outdoorplay.com/Sea-Horse-Kayak-Storage-Rack).

My primary concern is for termite damage. Are there any kayak bags/covers that will protect from termites? We have a garage filled with woodworking tools, supplies, wood, etc. and have once been infiltrated with termites attcking the wood supply. We sealed the garage of cracks/holes and sprayed and haven't had a problem since. So, I know that there are termites in the area. Is my storage method a possibility? Is there a termite-resistant storage bag for kayaks on the market?

My secondary concern is for theft. If I store outside on saw horses, I would like to somehow lock the kayak down. Are there any ideas to lock the kayak down outside into the soil (concrete post, etc) or into the garage wall?

The other alternative is to somehow store the wooden kayak in the basement, but this will be less convenient and possibly not an option.

Also, how do most people here store their wooden kayaks?


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RE: Outdoor Storage of Wooden Kayaks... and Termites

Since every inch of the boat is covered by epoxy, you shouldn't have to worry about termites. I store my kayaks in the (somewhat pricey) Danuu covers, on racks attached to the back of my garage. As for locks, you could run a cable through the toggle holes and  lock it to some stationary thing.

Cheers, Pat

RE: Outdoor Storage of Wooden Kayaks... and Termites

As long as it is above the ground and not direct contact with the dirt, should not be a problem. termites eat wood, go back in the ground, reproduce and come back for some more. a set of plastic saw hoses will work. just a opinion here but i have stored wood for years this way and never had a problem.

RE: Outdoor Storage of Wooden Kayaks... and Termites

Pat and model_t,

Thanks much for the tips. Your responses are very helpful and I appreciate it.


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