I'm hooked like most of you. I successfully completed my first kayak last winter, the MC 16.5. It's performed very nicely and I've received so many complements on its looks. Natural all over. It is great on our lake in Norther Mn, after I rigged up a system to get it in and out of the water from our dock.

Anyway, I'm looking now for suggestions on what I should build this coming winter and would appreciate your help. My number one goal is something light weight, very easily carried from our building onto a river say 500 yards away.  My choices are to build 2 smaller one-person kayaks (one for me, one for my wife or daughter) this winter or another double, but again am looking at something I can easily carry myself. I've looked at the wood duck, but am wondering if this is the right choice, vs something a bit more refined???

I've missed viewing this site since I finished several months back, but am anxious again to start another project. Almost wish it were winter, but not quite!!!

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RE: Hooked


My first boat was also the Mill Creek 16.5.  It is the only boat my wife will get in.  The last two summers, my daughters and I have been building Shearwaters.  The Shearwaters are light and take far less effort to paddle.  They are a much tighter fit though.

I have recently bought a cart that makes it very easy for one person to roll the Mill Creek to the river.

 Jon T

RE: Hooked

If you're looking to operate in the same waters that the MC 16.5 is in, a Wood Duck would be a great choice. It's less than 2/3 the weight of the MC 16.5 (over 20 lbs less), easy to carry (short distances grab it by the coaming, longer trips carry it on your head, head in cockpit on the seat, bow tilted up so you can see).

The Ducks may have a wide beam & a large cockpit, but they're very refined. The bottom shape, the lack of internal framing and the fine entry & exit make for a very stable, light, comfortable and shallow draft boat that tracks well, but is still responsive.

If you like your MC 16.5, the WD12 can be thought of as a faster, lighter weight version for 1 person. It pretty much keeps all the features that most people like, but is less effort to paddle and carry.

You need to find a demo near you to make sure. I wonder when CLC is heading north?



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