Easypoxy problems

Hey All,

I'm at the final stages of my WD, but seem to be  stalled by having to strip and sand a portion of my combing  as the easypoxy won't seem to dry. After 2 days it still is tacky, and the coat is *very* thin - but the problem is localized to just 1 part of the boat.

Here's a pic of the WD: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cowans/5930710426/#/photos/cowans/5930710426/lightbox/

The part that is not working is literally just the combing, all around it. The rest of the white is fine, red is cured fine, etc.

The Details: 

This is actually the 3rd coat I've tried and getting the same results.

First coat was too think on the combing - my mistake, so sanded off and put a thin coat on. I even waited a week to see if it would harden up, but no luck.

Second try was still tacky so I sanded off and preppred for a 3rd try.

Third try saw me thin the easypoxy a little, but still it is tacky to the touch after 2 days. I am sure by now I have sanded through the epoxy and am putting it on the bare wood in some spots, but it is a thin coat - so thin you can see the wood under it fairly well.

I am not sure it is the paint as some larger portions on the deck dried well, and there was ample time (2 weeks or more) from the time I put the epoxy on to the time to paint ). I had wiped down the epoxy covered combing with mineral spirits, same as the rest of the boat which seems to have setup fine.

On the parts of the deck that worked, the easypoxy did bubble up, and needed tipped (like the rest of the boat) but interesting the combing part did not.  Maybe that has something to do with it?

Any ideas??? I hate to sand and repeat this for a 4th time to get the same results.

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