WD 12H

Some ideas from a first timer:  I was having some trouble getting the hull to come out to the edge of the deck amidships for purposes of securing the deck to the hull.  The taping idea was not working as the tape did not have sufficient power to pull the hull out the 3/4 inch needed.  So I cut some very small blocks of pinewood and hot glued them to the inside edge of the hull and screwed the deck onto them...voila!  Perfect alignment.  Then I tacked the deck to the hull using thickened epoxy, just enough to hold everything together and removed the screws and blocks once the epoxy cured.  I have to fill some screw holes, but this saved my bacon. 

I should have asked first, but does anyone have a better method for pulling or pushing the hull out just enough to match the deck edge?


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RE: WD 12H

i ran temporary spreaders - a length  of wood the same width as the form with nails in the ends-  across where the forms were and it worked out well



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