wood duck accessories

I am considering a hatch cover from CLC.  Anyone have any experience with this cover, can it be installed/will it stay on during transportation?  Also considering a paddle holder on the side such as a bungee and button system--used during fishing and fish fighting.  Any other ideas out there for equipping the Duck for safety, convenience, and fishing.  I will be fly fishing and I want to keep the deck as clean as possible.



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RE: wood duck accessories


You talking about this:

or this:

If it's the second one, I've been using one for over 3 years now with no problems. It goes on easily enough to be put on while the boat is on the racks and stays on well above highway-legal speeds (I invoke my 5th Amendment rights and decline to discuss the specifics of that test).

For my paddle, I just tied a length of bungee cord to it and clip the other end to the forward rigging. When I don't want the paddle, I just pitch it over the side and retrieve it later.

If you'll be out in chop and/or powerboat wakes, you'll want a spray skirt. I also use a large drybag for storage and bow floatation in case the cockpit floods. Hasn't happened in 3 years, including playing in three foot breaking waves, but who knows.

Finally, when placing the forward rigging, give it a try sitting in the cockpit before attaching it to make sure that you can reach it. The placement specified in the plans had the front line out of reach for me so I moved it backwards. Folks with longer arms than mine will be fine.

Have fun,







RE: wood duck accessories

Thanks Laz

I was referring to your second image, the cockpit cover.  thanks for the info and advise.


RE: wood duck accessories

I also have the CLC cockpit cover for my WD12. I have never had a problem with it coming off. Although out of worry I often transport it with a strap over the cockpit (and cover) or through the hand loop in front. I do have a hard time putting it on by myself, maybe if I loosened it a little bit....

 Like Lazzlo I also use a section of bungee cord that I attach using a nylon clip to my yak. I have a section of velcro with a loop that I put around the paddle and tie the bungee cord to. I can't remember where I found that velcro attachment.


RE: wood duck accessories

Thanks Ralph and Laz,

I have ordered the cockpit cover and I do have a bungee with velcro that is meant to be attached to the paddlers wqrist, I'll try it velcroed to the boat whie fishing.

Thanks again,


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