First flight, first bumps

Got my Jimmy Skiff in the water on a light air morning last weekend.  First semi-serious excursion under sail.  Connecticut's Thimble Islands: large rocks rising from the morning mist, each with a fantasy house built by some eccentric millionaire on top.  Very nice; thanks to CLC for making the kit available, and for the forum's answers and hand-holding during the build!

With first outing came first bumps.  The entire coast, with the exception of the channel, has a very shallow bottom, and even by the ramp the bottom is full of rocks and oysters.  Boat picked up some scratches, one or two of which may have penetrated the epoxy.  Should I be worried, or can I leave this for the autumn overhaul?  I know that traditional boats go in and out of the water, and their woods gets wet and dries out, but unlike epoxy, tar and oil breathe.  I guess the question is, to maintain the structure of my new toy, do I need to dab epoxy into every pinprick, or do I just do a general haul-out once a year, where I maintain everything at once?

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