Fixing a Chesapeake 18

crack on tail of chesapeakeI have just finsihed my Skerry and am waiting for some July...meanwhile, I took my brothers chesapeake 18 home to fix it. He does not have time any longer. He dropped it against a knee wall several years ago and separated the fiberglass at the joint of the top and side. The plywood inside pulled apart so each side has some of the wood. The overlap is about an inch and the crack runs about 2 ft in the rear of the boat. Hard to get to the inside there.

The queston is how to fix. I feel that some thickened epoxy with chopped glass can form a stong bond. I am thinking of pressing the inside out with a v shaped press pushed down inside the boat. Then clamp the outside.

Any advise repairing damage where you easily get to the inside of a kayak? Since I have not built one, dont know where I get the strength from or where to compromise. 



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RE: Fixing a Chesapeake 18

skerry completeTesting picture insertion..skerry

RE: Fixing a Chesapeake 18

So you're saying that the glass has splt along the seam between the deck and hull, and that the deck plywood has delaminated with some plies still stuck to the sheer clamp amd the rest having lifted off with the plywood?

What's theURL for your picture?



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