Epoxy Pumps

Newbie Question:

First time builder, new to this forum, but pretty capable wood worker (furniture, cutting boards, shelves, etc)...starting a Wood Duck 14' and was curious about the epoxy pumps.

Do you have to clean the pumps after every use? or do you just leave them screwed into the containers?

I ordered the MAS kit #2 from CLC.

Wouldn't the hardener dry out over time?

And if you have to clean after every usage, what do you use to clean them with?

Haven't started yet, just doing some side bar homework before I actually get there...

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RE: Epoxy Pumps

This should answer all your questions: it's right here on the CLC website...


 Chris F

RE: Epoxy Pumps

1. Leave them screwed on

2. Should be good for at least a year, much more if the container is stored in a cool dark place. I've successfully used 5 year old System 3 epoxy/hardener.

3. Some folks clean them with vinegar, I throw them away and buy new ones every year or so. Life is too short to spend on cleaning pumps, especially cleaning out the cleaner so it won't contaminate the epoxy/hardener. The epoxy pump usually just needs to be warmed above 140 degrees for a while to get rid of crystals, the hardener pump is what usually needs the vinegar.

And if this is like every other epoxy pump thread, someone will jump in saying how much better measuring cups and/or scales work than pumps. I've used both and haven't had problems with either, so my recommendation is to go with whichever is more comfortable to work with.

Have fun,



RE: Epoxy Pumps

I'll second Laszlo.  I used my pumps for the entire build which took 8 months.  Pumps still working great, never a problem with the mix.  I never cleaned them.  I kept them in a box and during extended times between use i put the box in the basement.


RE: Epoxy Pumps

Thanks for the replies folks!

 I figured this wouldn't be a huge problem, but this is my first venture using glass and epoxy, so I wanted to be sure.



RE: Epoxy Pumps

When I did use the pumps, I didn't find it necessary to clean between uses, because I went through the epoxy fairly quickly.

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