Stern and Bulkhead Alignment

I'm done with stitching a 17LT and am tweaking the alignment. I know it's OK to trim the bottom panels at the stern, but is this pushing the limit?


Excessive bottom panel overhang?

Bulk AlignmentBulkhead Alignment

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RE: Stern and Bulkhead Alignment

Sorry folks... problem with pix. Will post something sensible tomorrow.

RE: Stern and Bulkhead Alignment


That is not too bad - On my CH18, I had nearly twice that much to trim from the bottom at the Stern.


Just take your time and trim and retain the shape around the curve.  For mine, I used some 60 Grit sandpaper and did it by hand - didn't take that long to do and came out looking and fitting just fine.


RE: Stern and Bulkhead Alignment

Thanks Bob... Now... the forward bulkhead squeezes in but the sides and bottom are not aligned. Is this related to the stern alignment problem, or do I just loosen the stitches to make the bulkhead fit symmetrically?

Forward bulkhead out of alignment

Here's a better view of the stern alignment issue:

Stern alignment 17 LT


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