WD 12H

Everything is going great!  I have gotten to the point where I need to finish up the interior of the hull before attaching the deck and need some direction on what to take care of.  I assume that the interior should be sanded lightly, but should I fill the weave on the section with the glass in the seating area?  Anything else to take care of.

 Also, the top of the sole bulkhead is about 1/2" below the deck and I would like to fill in the gap and connect the deck to the bulkhead eventually when I attach the deck to the hull.  Any suggestions on how to fill the gap?  I'm thinking that a custom cut piece of okume could be glassed to the top of the bulkhead, but am puzzled on how to fit it and whether it would be strong enough.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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RE: WD 12H


I just finished my WD 12 Hybrid and had the same issue.  I did cut a small piece of okume and glued it in with thickened epoxy and put a 2 inch wide piece of 4 oz fiberglass cloth on the cockpit side of the bulkhead.  My gap was just under 1/2 inch.  Cosmetically you can't even see it and structuraly I am sure it is fine, I put a small filet of thickened epoxy on the hatch side as well as the cockpit side.

Check out pics at rodskayakadventure.blogspot.com



RE: WD 12H

been a few months since i finished my WD10H  ...and i do not have the manual in front of me, but i believe the instructions said flip the hull upside down and create a fillet of thickened epoxy to fill the gap


RE: WD 12H

After you wet out the glass in the cockpit I don't think you need to fill the weave. You might like some traction inside- not slippery. If you plan to leave it clear I don't see a need to sand inside- except for the drips etc. if they are in a visable area.

If you plan to attach wood blocks at bow/stern for handles/pad eyes do it now before you attach the deck.

RE: WD 12H

Mountings for footbraces are much easier to arrange before the deck is put on.

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