Joining Hull and Deck of Guillemont

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Guillemont L joining the hull to the deck.  I am not able to get about 3 feet in the bow to line up flush.  I have worked the seam from one strip thickness off to about half strip thickness, by pushing the forms in where they should be.  It is almost as though the top strip of the hull has twisted inwards.  I am thinking about taking the some 8-32 bolts and fender washers and work the joint flush.   I figure a couple of dots will look better then a ridge.  

Will this work or are there better ideas out there.

 Thank you Garrett 

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RE: Joining Hull and Deck of Guillemont

How long has the boat been off the forms? You might want to consider using some bar clamps gently to bring in the deck and spread the sections of the hull accordingly and maybe apply some heat without burning anything, and maybe there will be some movement. I wouldn't rush that process.  Some pictures might help.


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