Annapolis Wherry

I am getting ready to build my first AW.  Plz. share with me any problems I may have to deal with.  I have never done a stitch and glue project.  I would appreciate any and all tips to make this a pleasurable experience and not as frustrating as it may have been for others.  Are there any special tools I need to make the project a bit easier.  Thanks for any tips.

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RE: Annapolis Wherry

Take your time. Be clean and neat. Spend as much or more time thinking things through as you do actually doing them. Have lots of clamps. Be especially careful when you pull the bow together, the gains you cut in the strakes will make them fragile and easily damaged. If you plan on finishing any part of the boat "bright" be especially careful, it  is difficult to  hide mistakes under varnish. The flip side is it is really easy to hide mistakes under paint. You won't need any special tools that I can think of. You may want to fabricate a drilling jig for drilling your stitch holes so you don't have to measure each and every one. A japanese pull saw is nice to have but not necessary. A nice, small/light cordless drill & random orbital sander. Did I say clamps? Lots and lots of clamps. I have a bunch of build videos on my youtube channel, you might get some ideas there. They are not intended as instructional videos but you might get some ideas. Have fun with it.

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