Eighteen Sassafras 16's

John Harris led eighteen teams in building their own Sassafras 16 at the WoodenBoat Show this weekend.  It was marathon, but every single canoe came out beautifully and headed home for sanding and finishing.  The event was underwritten by WEST System, Peoples United Bank, and Chesapeake Light Craft. Much thanks to Matt and Bill from CLC, Bruce and Don from WEST System, and Ted from Edensaw for all the help during the event.

And thanks most especially to the family teams, who worked great together, had fun, and knocked these out like pro's.

So many boats it was hard to fit them into one photo!



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RE: Eighteen Sassafras 16's

 Way to go John!!


  I was amazed to see so many boats under construction when I walked into the tent yesterday.  You did a great job!!

  I heard a lot of people praising you for what you've done for CLC, boat building in general, and creating something that brings families together building something they'll cherish for a lifetime!  And these weren't even the people building the Sassafrases!  I do think at least 3 of these people will be buying PMD kits from you soon.  :-)

  I personally had a fantastic time showing off my Passagemaker all weekend, although all the comments from folks swelled my ego to the point where I almost couldn't get it into my truck for the ride home.  :-)



RE: Eighteen Sassafras 16's

We just finished the Sassafras 16 that we started building at the 2011 Woodenboat Show.  Took her out for her maiden voyage last Saturday!

What a fabulous project.  MANY THANKS to John and the rest of the CLC team.

 Howard, Sue and Matt

RE: Eighteen Sassafras 16's

Nice work! I think it too me about eighteen weekends to build one Sass' 16 to that point!


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