Novice stitcher question..

'm stitching the bottom to the sides on my CH16. After getting down the hull about a quarter of the way it looks like I'm going to have a hell of a time joining the bottom to the sides in the middle of the boat. I've checked and rechecked the beam width at 23 1/2 inches, but it looks like that I'll have to really pull the side and bottom panels together quite a bit in order to stitch them.

Does this sound normal? The bottom section in the middle will have to flatten out quite a bit. I don't want to venture down the wrong path too far.


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RE: Novice stitcher question..

Got pictures?

Make sure all your panels are which & where they are supposed to be, and that all the stitch holes line up? When I did my SW17, I had a shear & deck panels misaligned by "one hole", and it ALMOST fit together. Some folks say to stitch both ends together first.

RE: Novice stitcher question..

I have solved my problem. I adjusted the @#^$@ spreader stick which allowed me to get all the panels together nicely. Once all stitches were done, I put the stick back in. Everything is now nice and tight and smooth.




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