northeaster rails

I am getting close to putting on the rails and want some input as to options of sandwiching the ply with the two pieces and or adding spacer blocks.  Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?

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RE: northeaster rails

Here's what I did. I ripped 3/4 stock to 7/8 x 3/4 and used a 3/4 rabbiting bit to make a 3 mm deep rabbit in the rail so the first course of the outer rail capped the top of the hull side. then I attached the outer rail. This gave me a 1 1/2  x 7/8 rail that capped the plywood edge of the hull sides. I made 6" x 1/2 x 7/8 spacers and sanded concave ends on them with a 3/4" drum sander and placed them on the inside of the hull on 12"centers. Then I added a 1/2 x 7/8 strip inside those to for the inwale. I rounded over the inwale and the spaces with a 1/8 round over bit and rounded over the outer edge of the outwale on the top and bottem with a 3/8 roundover bit .... FYI, if you do this, finish the inside of the hull before you add the spacers as it would be very hard to sand and finish inside the spaces after the inwale goes on. Mine are bright mahogony and look great. If you have questions CLC has my email address...  SEEYA Jack

RE: northeaster rails

Thanks for the info Jack.  I am wondering if there is enough strength if i epoxy a 7/8" rail to the outside of the hull, then apply 1/2" blocks inboard and attach the second 7/8" rail to the blocks.  Any thoughts anyone?

RE: northeaster rails

I'm sure it would be strong enough. I'd dry fit a side and see what you think about the looks of it. SEEYA Jack

Your Northeater Dory

   I read that you might have a CLC dory for sail. I live in Santa Cruz and  am looking for a good, light boat that I can sail and row. I keep a 28' sloop in SC harbor, but I'm looking for something that I can take to the California Lakes.

   Is your boat still for sail? If so, please send pictures to


      Cap'n Van

RE: northeaster rails

I was going to do the same thing but got recommedation from other builders as Jack said above to dry fit some first and I'm glad I did because I didnt care for the looks and bought the CLC inner rail kit.  I think it was $75 and am glad I did.


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