Cockpit Combing Damage

When installing the top piece of the cockpit combing on a 17LT, I allowed some epoxy to get in between the top piece and the small scraps I used to protect the combing from the clamps.  When I pried them off, they tore at the grain and left scars in the combing.  I'm going to varnish this boat, so I'm looking for a way to salvage the combing...any thoughts are appreciated.

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RE: Cockpit Combing Damage

Depending on how much wood was torn away, I would  use plastic tape to create a dam around the damaged area.  Then, using UN thickened CLEAR epoxy, fill the 'void'  Once the area has been faired and varnish applied, only you will know the difference.   ~BRUCE~

RE: Cockpit Combing Damage

you could also add a contrasting color (some of the kevlar ones that are black are stunning against the wood ...or add a veneer of mahogany or similar. or as Bruce said above 


RE: Cockpit Combing Damage

Bruce - It took two coats, but your idea seems to have worked.  The voids are filled and all but one are completely invisible.  Thanks a bunch!  I'll post pics on the CLC facebook page in the next couple of days.  I should be done with the boat by Monday.

 Billy - Thanks for your input as well.  If I can't get it to look quite how I want, I had already thought of painting the cockpit.  I thought about veneer too, but I was afraid it wouldn't hold up.

RE: Cockpit Combing Damage

If you do not like the final look, you can always paint a colored stripe along the sheer and matching color on the coming ring, or some other such decoration so you do not have only one thing different on the boat.




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