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Working on getting my skerry project nearer to the finish line -  I've put 3 layers of epoxy and sanded on all the spars... do I need to varnish the mast BEFORE I attach the hardware (fairlead, cleats & gooseneck)?  Can varnish be applied after the hardware is on?  Current weather isn't condusive to varnishing (too humid), but I've got some time and I'm desperate to do SOMETHING while some epoxy dries on the hull...

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RE: mast hardware

I would suggest drilling all the necessasry hardware mounting holes now, then applying all the coats of varnish, allowing the varnish to get'into' the holes.  Once you have finished varnishing, THEN install the hardware, MAKING SURE you bed(seal) all fittings when mounting.   ~BRUCE~

RE: mast hardware

It'll be easier to apply the varnish if the're's no hardware in the way. You could use the drill, fill, drill method to do the test fitting and attachment of the hardware, then remove it all again for the varnishing.

You could also postpone the varnishing until after launch and sea trials, just in case you realize that you need to change something after your first few sails. The UV won't hurt the epoxy for months, unless you live on the equator and leave the boat outdoors all the time.

Have fun, the Skerry's a great boat,



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