Cracked hull

What do I need to do repair my Duck.  Should this damage be cut out or can I;

  1. sand down to epoxy
  2. Re-epoxy and glass (what size glass?)
  3. feather and varnish

The photo is from the inside of the boat.


Inside of boat

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RE: Cracked hull

I would call CLC tech support


RE: Cracked hull

Most of the strength in S&G boats is in the epoxy-saturated glass. For the most part, the wood gives the boat shape and color but relatively little strength. I would sand into the glass on both sides a couple of inches around the cracked area, then add patches of new glass, the same weight as on there now, both inside and out. Saturate the patches with several coats of epoxy, feather the edges with a paint scraper, and sand the whole area smooth. Then lightly sand and revarnish the entire boat. -Wes

RE: Cracked hull

When you push on the damaged area, does the hull have any 'give' in that area now? Is the area of the crack still structurally sound? Any lamination issue now on either side with the glass to the wood?


RE: Cracked hull

The crack is structurally sound.  On the outside of the boat, there are only 2 cracks visible.  The only concern is that the hull is pushed in a little and will require some force to even it out.  I was thinking about spreading some epoxy on the cracked area after I sand it, place wax paper on it and come up with some kind of weight or pressure to push it out.Thanks a bunch for your replies and suggestions!


RE: Cracked hull

I would try putting heat gun heat to the area as you push it back into shape, then follow Wes' suggestion.


RE: Cracked hull

Hi Houser.

 If it were me (and I am probably the lazy builder) I would just put some cloth over the inside epoxy saturated.  That may look a bit untidy for you.  I hate to say it but I think you may need to put some cloth epoxy saturated on the outside as well because I don't think that epoxy alone will seal it.  You would be able to see if epoxy alone would not seal it as the cracks will be a dark colour under the inside cloth when they are wet with water.  I'm supprised to know you think the boat is dented.  Don't know what to say about that.

All the best mate.


RE: Cracked hull

One of my kayaks got damaged a few years ago when my friend hit a submerged rock when we were on a river trip. We used duct tape for field repairs to stop the leak, and then I fixed it after we got home.  You are on the right track --Sand it down, epoxy on a patch of fiberglass (use a patch at least a couple inches larger in diamter than the damaged area), feather it in, and you're good to go... but do NOT use wax paper --that risks contaminating the epoxy surface with wax.. If you need a layer of something to prevent a weight from sticking to the curing epoxy while it holds things pressed in place, use plastic wrap.

Julie K.

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