addiction and obsession

Hey Ya'll, I'm 79 days from retiring and cashing in unused vacation time to buy the boat of my dreams, a Passagemaker.  It has been a 40 year obsession.  Every time I smell varnish or sawdust I get shakey.  I have piles of old plans, study sheets, and boat books. all with dark brown circles on them from my coffee cup.  I built a cheap and dirty 10'6" Pointy Skiff (plans fromH.H. Payson) about 12 years ago but, it only made me worse.  I dream of oars and sails go to the CLC site before breakfast.  My beloved, Sandra, has asked me to get help for my addiction and I believe that I have found a support group here.  I have also been reading the PMD Builders site but I can"t seem to get onboard.  Is there a secret to registering there?  Soon "Cuppa" (as in; My cuppa tea) will go from box to boat and I will lean heavily on those of you who are like minded souls who have gone bravely before me.  Cheers, TREED

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RE: addiction and obsession

If you think being addicted to the idea of building your dream boat is bad, wait until you actually build it! It has become apparent to most of us that it is not possible for any person to build only one boat. -Wes

RE: addiction and obsession


I built one CLC project and now have 4 more under construction at the same time. Is rehab in my future?

RE: addiction and obsession

its an affliction you learn to live with. while building my 2nd CLC boat (a wood duck12). 

One late evening after applying the 8 or 9th coat of varnish to the boat I entered the the house to find all these people lying about in my livng room. I know i had been spending a lot of time in the shop with the boat, so i assumed it may be some wooden boat intervention that my bride had gathered.

me "who are all these people honey?"

wife "Jon, these are your children."

enjoy the retirement.




RE: addiction and obsession

I'm working on my 3rd, thinking of the 4th, but, leaving plenty of time to paddle.

..or maybe I should go buy some more clamps...


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