Chesapeake 14 lunched

CP 14CP 14Here is photo of thew Cp14 I made for my 10 year old son.

He love´s it :)


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RE: Chesapeake 14 lunched

well the imige is not working so here is the link to it:

RE: Chesapeake 14 lunched

I bet your son is enjoying his custom kayak.

From the photos I am wondering where you are located? Also, I hope that you did not eat your boat for "lunch" but rather "launched" yourkayak.

RE: Chesapeake 14 launched



yes your right  :)

Having the "a" makes a big different :) 

The Cp14 is realy good  fore kid´s 


RE: Chesapeake 14 launched

I am in east Iceland 

The cp14 is my 2nd kayak I make. the 1st one is a Point Bennett designed by Duane Strosaker and here is a pic of it. 



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