Kaholo breather tube

My Kaholo is ready for launch... but I hate the look of the breather tube assembly.  There's a new product for surfboards that uses a flush-mounted Gore-tex membrane vent; wondering if anyone has any experience with these things?





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RE: Kaholo breather tube

and i seem to get alot of water in mine

RE: Kaholo breather tube

I use one of the gore-tex types and notice it does not equalize as quick as the pressure inside the board. I read somewhere that on boards as big as the Kaholo you need at least two. I usually tighten the deck plate when putting the board on the truck and loosen it when I get back home and notice each time that air is being sucked into the board as I unscrew the plate, therefore the conclusion, the gore-tex does not allowed air to move through it as fast as needed. It might if I had another one. I haven’t noticed any problems from the board being pressurized. YET

RE: Kaholo breather tube

Do I need to epoxy the breathing tube "cork" to the board?  It seems that it might pop out otherwise. 

Also, do you think it is okay to undo the lid to my ditty bag while driving and then put it on when I arrive to avoid the pressure problem?  

I just finished building it on Friday and want to make sure that I am not going to blow it up. :)

RE: Kaholo breather tube

I don't think the cork would pop out unless you grease the hole. Another option is a plastic Coke top. Glue the neck down and use the "pressure release" cap to offload/onload air. 

I think a pair of goretex thingies will work on a board the size of a Kaholo. They are nicer looking than a Coke top and the fugly breather tube.


RE: Kaholo breather tube

The Goretex vents look nice and clean. Older surfskis had breather tubes or rubber bung plugs. Very ugly. They are now more likely to have a plastic cap/drain plug. Not as clean looking as the goretex but very efficient and much better looking than a tube. I live in a hot part of the world and the cap is off whenever my ski is not on the water. An option perhaps.

RE: Kaholo breather tube


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