My hybrid Pax 20

Pax 20 with a strip deck and a Guillemot Just a photo of my Pax 20. I built from a set of plans that I bought from CLC. It is made from redwood and cypress. I used wallnut for the combing. This was not hard to do. I used my deck beam for a template at the front and the rear bulkhead for the rear template. The plans gave all the offsets needed to make the front and rear decks. I glassed both sides with 4oz. glass. The strips were cut sq. edge and beveled. this my first post with a picture I hope it comes out. Thanks again CLC. 

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RE: My hybrid Pax 20  I think this will link

RE: My hybrid Pax 20

Beautiful build!

RE: My hybrid Pax 20

I said I was going to post some pix of the Sharpie, but, oh darn, I've lost them.

Serially, though, Clayton, them're real beauties.

RE: My hybrid Pax 20

Elegant Clayton. Enjoy your time on the water! 

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