Eastern Carolina

I'm interested in building either a Skerry or Northeaster Dory. Does anyone near New Bern, NC have one?

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RE: Eastern Carolina

I live in wilmington and built a Skerry what do you want to know.  I also have like the Dory.  



Larry email me



i just started a skerry and live in wilmington;  would love to touch base with you



RE: Eastern Carolina

Not Eastern Carolina but I'm in Apex, just south of Raleigh.  Currently building a Dory and built a Kaholo last year.

I'm intersted in sailing from New Bern this summer but alas that is a two hour drive for me.



RE: Eastern Carolina

I have an Annapolis Wherry, Chesapeake 17LT and a nearly-finished Oxford Shell here in (little) Washington. I'd love to try out a Dory or Skerry sometime. These are not the boats the OP asked about, but I'm happy to allow test rides.

RE: Eastern Carolina

Hi John,


My email address is tim dot broyer at gmail dot com.  I would certainly consider meeting up in LW for some sailing and rowing this summer.



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