Wherry Tandem launching

I just finished building a Wherry Tandem earlier in the week and took it out for its first row yesterday. Here it is on the floating dock at Pier 40, at the end of W. Houston St. in New York City. The big block building is the Holland Tunnel ventilation tower, Jersey City is across the Hudson River in the background.

I'm rowing it as a single for now, or as a trainer with a cox/coach as a passenger.

I spent about 150 hours building it, spread over the past five weeks.

The wherry is a delight to row. Very stable, but it has a nice run. It tracks well, but steers easily too. You can see that the water was calm and flat yesterday, but there are always ferry boat wakes in the harbor and it handled them just fine. 


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RE: Wherry Tandem launching

Nice job Trent

I also spent 150 hours on my tandem wherry and launched it May 1st in Portland, ME.  I have covered 150+ miles in all conditions and agree-it is an absolute delight to row.  I have been able to surf 8 foot ocean swells for long runs and the only problem I have had are boat wakes taken head on tend to wash right over the bow.

I have rowed mostly as a single and the few times I have had a partner have been able to sustain 9+knots on flat water.

Have fun this summer and be prepard to answer a lot of questions!

Steve O

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