WD 12H Stripping fixes

I seem to be making good progress with the stripping although it is becoming apparent that the small adjustments I have had to make while lining them up and marrying the coves with the half rounds have accumulated to the point that I may have to insert some kind of spacing, particularly around the cockpit area in order to get the best fits for the side strips.  Does anyone have some good wisdom to offer on how best to do this.  I am noticing that the forward and aft strips may not line up perfectly once I start stripping around the cockpit and would like to minimize the visual disruption as much as possible.  Since this is my first build, I'm sticking with the simplest fore and aft runs for the strips.

Any ideas welcomed!


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RE: WD 12H Stripping fixes

I had some gaps by the cockpit coaming.  I used mahogany strip wood left over from a model ship build.  I wrapped it all around the coaming edges and doubled up where needed.  It's a tricky job, but ended up looking really nice.

Bluejacket Shipcrafters(see on-line) has a nice selection of mahogony strips and sheets that should work for you.


P.S.  I also used 2' mahogany sheet wood as a veneer around the inside of the cockpit coaming.  Soaked in water and used CA to apply.  A bit of work, but I have had many compliments.




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