simpler...and cheaper alignment!

first, I'd like to thank Ed and crew for ongoing support during my Matunuck build. I've several CLC boats, enjoy(ed) them all, my son, Tom and I operate two with gusto.

On to the Matunuck, I found in a past build I was alone at a stage that would have benefitted from another pair of hands but alas, no able helper.

So when I was aligning panels on a Chesapeake, I got the panels where I wanted them, let go, and they sprung back where they wanted. Extra pair of hands? "Crazy" as it may seem,  cryanoacrylate glue rescued me from ongoing frustration by providing just the right amount of temporary resistance to "panel creep" while I tightened the stitch wire(s). Two drops, one either side of the stitch wire, wait a few seconds, minimal stain, covered by the epoxy anyhow, and I had the panels joined where I wanted them. Much joy.

Second, with the price of copper wire and little at hand I remembered I had a spool of soft steel mechanic's wire. If there were a chance it'd be exposed to moisture, I'd avoid using it in case of rust staining, but it worked fine, and I had no more wire breakage than with copper. Now I can quit climbing utility poles to do a build!  JS

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