Texas Kayak Builders Bash 6-18-2011

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RE: Texas Kayak Builders Bash 6-18-2011

Dang it, Kurt! Wish you had given a bit more notice. I haven't been out your way for a few years and would've loved to hang out again. Still nice to see pics of my boat on the web site, however! Give me fair warning next year and I'll be there. And you know there's still that standing invitation for you to come to my fair state and do some kayaking. My schedule is about to open up quite a bit after Atlantis makes its last farewell in July.

George K

RE: Texas Kayak Builders Bash 6-18-2011

Hey George, I'm sure sorry about that. Truth be told, I was gonna let the whole thing slide this year because the turnout was so light last year (among other things). But then several people wrote to say they were coming, so I started putting the word out.

I have a trip to Florida on my list of things to do, just waiting for all the stars to line up just right. 

Don't even get me started about the Shuttles..........

RE: Texas Kayak Builders Bash 6-18-2011

Well, all registered for shrimp dinner, and looking forward to it--just finished my scarfless, combingless woodduck-ish boat, and ready to enter it in the ugly boat contest--that $100 is mine!  It is a present for my girlfriend bebe, who will be there also, and she will not have to worry about messing up the finish.  And for 3 days, until we get there, she will think it is the most beautiful boat in the world.   Maybe the next boat will be the shining perfect one.

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