Cutting gains on a Northeaster


   I am very close to purchasing the Northeaster dory kit and I've seen it written on this forum that it doesn't require any gains cutting (as an advantage over the skerry which does).  Interestingly, I purchased the manual and there is a step for cutting a 4'' gain on planks 2, 3 and 4.  Any insights on this?  How tricky is cutting gains?  I am much more concerned with the woodworking element of building than with the epoxy (as I have a little experience working with the stuff for my sailing club). 

 Finally, any advice for a first time builder that you feel might not have been covered in the manual or on the site?  Thanks! 


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RE: Cutting gains on a Northeaster

  i'am currently working from the drawing set for the Northeaster. during the cutting out stage i wondered how i was going to complete the gains and rabbit.    it looks more complicated that it really is, just take your time and it comes out ok.

i used a japanese rasp, this is a rasp made up from ten saw blades welded together to make the solid rasp.  marked out the 4 inch length and sarted to approx the taper.  once i got to the approx taper i changed over to a normal wood file to finish.   all my boards came true at the bow and blended together to give a good finish.,42524

if you try powered tools it could take too much off in one pass and then you have problems. the old slow method is the best. hope this helps


RE: Cutting gains on a Northeaster

Piece of cake. When I began my Dory, I had no more woodworking experience (or talent) than sawing a 2 x 4 in half. The "Shinto Rasp" referred to by the Cap'n is just the tool for this simple step (and useful for several others to). Agree as well to take it slow and make sure you don't take off too much wood. The rasp has two sides, and one can really peel off the material so patience is the word.

Good luck and have fun. This was my first build of anything and it turned out fine. Launched her at the lake last weekend and she's a dream.


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