New Duckling Hatched


Just wanted to share a picture of my new Wood Duck 10.  I paddled it for the first time this past weekend and it was great.

I want to thank everybody who contributes to this forum - particularly fellow Duck builders Laszlo and Ralph - for the terrific advice every step of the way.

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RE: New Duckling Hatched


another try at the link to the photo

RE: New Duckling Hatched

Very nice, Laurie. Is that graphite/epoxy on the bottom or black paint? Either way, that "3-layer" finsh ends up quite striking. Bet it made the clorox-bottle crowd jealous, especially when they found out what it weighed.

Congratulations, glad to have been some help, but you did all the real work. Welcome to the fleet.



RE: New Duckling Hatched


Thanks Laszlo.  The bottom is navy blue paint.  I way underestimated the time to do the finish work hence the late launch. 

The boat drew a lot of oohs and aahs from my neighbors.  I decided not to point out the small imperfections here and there!

RE: New Duckling Hatched

Nice looking Laurie, I wish it was a larger photo. I hope that you had fun while building and enjoyed your first ride. Who much does it weigh?

 I know that mine certainly has its blemishes, but I had fun (and aggrivation) while building. I just hope that I can get out more. But then I knew that would be the case. I have had three of my kids out with me, in rented kayaks.


RE: New Duckling Hatched


There's a larger photo here.  On Flickr, once you click on the initial image, there's a link over the picture's top left corner to the other sizes, including in this case a 1024x768.


Yeah, finish work is very time consuming if you let it be. And it's funny, too, the way that "civilians" are so impressed by the whole concept of a homebuilt boat that they never notice all the little glitches that the builders sometimes obsess about. Enjoy. 


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